New Devotional Series on YouVersion


If any of you utilize You Version for Bible Study, you will soon (April 27th) be able to access a set of devotional studies I recently authored. This set of ten devotionals intends to help Christians counter stories that deny, distort, and diminish God by living in light of the reality of God. The study offers nine specific practices drawn from scripture in which Christians can engage to “Live as if God Exists (because he does).”

The nine practices included are: (1) remembering redemption through Sabbath, (2) Passover and Living in a New Time, (3) Exercising Restraint, (4) Testing God, (5) Being and Making Disciples, and (6) Choosing the Good Portion, (7) Mastering God’s Story, (8) Fostering Unity, and (9) Practicing Pure and Undefiled Religion.

The studies were inspired by the Go Dark, Shine Bright campaign that begins May 5th with a ten day social media fast and guided prayer and Bible study and is followed by a challenge to share your faith with five people in your life as well as on social media. You can sign up to participate in the campaign at


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