About James

Starting out in online education, James has had the opportunity to direct the strategy of a broad range of business and academic operations including marketing, CRM, enrollment management, business model development and financial modeling, and curricular and program design and development.

In addition to his work in online education, James has led divisions and organizations with significant modern and historic facilities requiring management, upkeep, and improvement.

Known as a creative thinker who approaches questions and challenges from unique angles, James combines his experience with analytical skills to help clients discover unique strategies that will allow them to distinguish themselves within their broader competitive space.

Throughout his consulting career, James has worked with numerous higher education institutions and non-profit organizations assisting them in overcoming specific challenges and providing them with roadmaps to guide them toward their desired future state.

About Examen

Information is an indispensable part of organizational life.  While consulting often involves analyzing data drawn from market research or various trends within an organization, good consulting has to move beyond fancy charts and graphs, compelling PowerPoint presentations, and generic surveys of the market.  Good consulting isn’t just based on abstract, “off-the-rack” data.  It’s tailored to fit a clients unique identity, goals, and passions.

Success is not simply a function of understanding the market well. Success demands execution.  Successful organizations move from where they are to where they want to be.  Examen Consulting helps our clients by crafting short-, mid-, and long-term recommendations that will allow our clients to build momentum.  


Examen Consulting offers six primary consulting services.  The configuration and combination of services will be proposed after an initial meeting regarding your institution’s particular needs. 

Determining how an organization, product, or program best fits within the market is crucial to developing a strategic approach to marketing and product/program design.  Utilizing frameworks drawn from Michael Porter and Mauborgne and Kim, strategic positioning offers crucial insights to clients that are not normally provided as part of standard market research studies.

Organizations don’t just run on good strategy.  They must develop systems, policies, processes, and secure a variety of other resources to build strength and resilience.  The Organizational Capacity Analysis evaluates eight key factors associated with organizational capacity, as well as evaluating institutional communications.

Specifically focused on educational institutions that utilize recruitment and/or sales to build enrollment, the enrollment assessment evaluates admissions funnel data, as well as recruitment procedures.  Through an analysis of available data, interviews with front-line staff and, product analyses, recommendations are made to guide clients toward stronger enrollment management practices.

Marketing is more than just ad placement.  Planning communications and designing customer relationship management systems allows clients to engage a variety of constituencies all of whom derive different value in different ways.

Developing viable products involves “fit” within an organization.  The Product and Program Evaluation offers clients the opportunity to gain insight into the product and program offerings based on a variety of factors deemed relevant during the initial phase of the consulting engagement.

With the proliferation of online courses and the rise of hybrid models, designing effective and desirable instructional experiences can be challenging.  The Pedagogy Design service offers clients a pedagogically informed strategy for engaging students, clients, or other constituencies with convenient, holistic, instructional systems.


For more information and to set up an initial consulting discussion and to request a proposal, please provide the following information.