Prodding God’s People to Learn to Please Him Together.

Speaking Topics

Beginning his career as an adjunct instructor in 2005, James has experience speaking and facilitating in face-to-face and online venues.  James takes a thoroughly biblical and theological approach to the topics on which he speaks, as well as drawing insights from a variety of academic disciplines including but not necessarily limited to sociology, cognitive psychology, and media studies.  Known for his calm demeanor and holistic thinking, James seeks to challenge God’s people to think in ways that will build up the body of Christ.  

James is available for face-to-face or virtual speaking engagements, as well as interviews for podcasts.  He speaks in the following areas:


"Reflections on Sabbath," Everwell Rhythms Podcast, 2021

"Content Design for Ministry Campaigns: A Report on 'Go Dark, Shine Bright'," FiveQ Digital Ministry Conference, 2021

"Thinking Christianly in Ministry Leadership," Senior Seminar for Moody Bible Institute's Children and Family Ministry Major, 2021 and 2020

"Thinking Christian about Our New World," MU Talks Podcast, 2020

"Pedagogies for the Next Generation," Multnomah University Faculty Workshop, 2020

"Chaos, Conflict, and Intersectionality," Right On Mission Webinar, 2020

"Gospel-Centered Leadership," Resource Global's Chicago Cohort, 2019

"Online Curriculum Design and Delivery," Olivet University Faculty Workshop, 2018

"Centralized v. Decentralized Recruitment: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Your Institution," Ruffalo-Noel Levitz Symposium on the Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Populations, 2016

“The New Age Movement,” Counter Culture Mom Podcast, 2022

“Discipleship Against Human Trafficking, I, II, & III,” Soulfest, 2022

“Getting the Right Students In (and Out) of Your Institution,” ABHE Online Education Conference, 2022