Contributing to the development of a Christian mind.

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How does culture help us understand God faithfully?  How does it hinder us from doing so?  Allowing the scriptures and the Spirit to guide our thinking regarding culture, we will begin to become culturally mature disciples.  You will learn how to challenge cultures of various sorts (including your own) and to adopt a “Christian first” orientation to life. 

Begins May 8, 2023

Reflecting theologically on Christian testimony, accountability, and discipleship, will help us see that many of the challenges we face as a Christian community have less to do with our answers and more to do with our questions.  In this course, you will learn to consider the world in theological so that you can help God’s people learn to please him together.

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The Christian mind is both individual and collective.  It involves knowing and thinking in light of God’s blessing presence and revealed word, as well as the ongoing encouragement, correction, and insights of God’s people.  You will learn what it means to know God, others, yourself, and the world around you in light of all God has done, is doing, and will do to make all things new.

In a world full of information, Christians need to be discerning.  This course will help you develop basic research and information literacy skills, as well as helping you to find sources and to think well about the information they present.  The course is taught from a biblical and theological perspective. 

While the world engages in new practices that deny God, God’s people will have new opportunities to point to Christ.  Our testimony originates from our deep commitment to Jesus who calls us to love God with all we are and have and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  This course considers some of the contemporary topics Christians are likely to face such as cancel culture and social media, gender identity, and postmodern thought.  The course will also offer practical approaches for proclaiming the gospel in word and deed in today’s world.

We live in a society that falls short of being civil.  In this course, we will discuss what it means to be civil and why it is important for Christians to practice civility.  You will learn how to approach positions with which you disagree in a manner reflective of our faith in Jesus Christ.

Interpreting Scripture is foundational to doing responsible Christian theology.  Biblical interpretation, or “hermeneutics,” is intellectual work that calls for honesty, charity, and humility.  This course addresses basic methods for analyzing the various genres of scripture, as well as addressing the role of Christian character in biblical interpretation.